The corrosion of Aaron Stone


Summer of Code 2006

I’m planning on putting out a few proposals to get into the SoC 2006. I had hoped to get TWIG in as a mentor, but that didn’t go through. So I’ll take a tangent, and definitely see if there’s other good PHP work that can benefit everyone. My ideas are:

Portland State University: Open to “projects that might fall through the cracks” – I’m going to pitch XIDLE/XCB, TWIG and the network monitoring integration.

X.Org: See if they’ll go for my XIDLE request to get that working again. Otherwise, check out their XCB stuff. I’d like to learn it!

Joomla: wants to do a phpGACL layer, a DB abstraction layer and an AJAX layer. I’m good for all of those. I’m not sure if I want to be reporting to this project, although the work looks good.

Horde LDAP Browser / Manager: Develop a Horde LDAP application capable of both browsing and managing an LDAP directory. Should also support importing and exporting LDIF files. Now this would just be funny. Basically I’d port/rewrite my TWIG ldap browser into Horde. Or maybe funny-sad :-\

PostgreSQL: PL/PHP Build Improvments: PL/PHP is a PHP based procedural language for PostgreSQL. This project would clean up memory usage and the plphp_proc_desc struct, be built without Apache’s SAPI module, allow large resultsets to be processed through transparent use of prefetching on a cursor when spi_exec is called, and support IN/OUT and named parameters.

Proposal guidelines and example.