The corrosion of Aaron Stone


Done with Midterms and SoC apps

I wrote four applications for the Summer of Code. The first one took like 12 hours to research and write, and the other three took 1-3 hours each. Once I got the hang of how I wanted to present stuff, it was just a matter of serializing it out of my head. In descending order of time put into the application (which happens to be inversely proportional to the amount of time I’ve already spent on the project): Joomla, Network Monitoring, libSieve, TWIG.

Amazingly I got through my midterms alive, got back an A on an essay, and am not going crazy! I am totally sick with a yucky head cold, though. Damn you, not enough sleep demon! And on an unrelated note, I installed WorkRave to keep me from typing too much at a time. It would really benefit from having information from XIDLE to keep track of how long I’m actually at the computer rather than just blindly counting down all the time.