The corrosion of Aaron Stone



This is an informal summary of my education and work. Please follow these links for properly formatted TXT or HTML versions.

University of California at Santa Cruz Major in Linguistics, minors in Computer Science and Literature, concentration in Language Engineering. Advanced coursework in problem analysis, efficient algorithms, phonology, semantics, pragmatics. The Leviathan (a campus newspaper) Technical Editor, Staff Writer. SCTV (campus cable TV) Technical Director.

Google Summer of Code 2006 I joined the Joomla! project, a PHP-based Content Management System (CMS), to design and implement an hierarchical storage management layer and cross-database query abstraction layer.

Santa Cruz IT Services During the school year, I was a student support specialist, provided desktop support to Windows and Macintosh PC users regarding all aspects of IT services.

3VR Security, Inc. I took a quarter off school before starting my senior year to write the User’s Manual and Field Service Manual for the flagship product of this fledgling startup. They’re doing quite well now, and I had a great time working as a tech writer with a coding edge.

IB Systems, Inc. After high school I secured a number of Perl CGI scripts against web cracking, rewrote several others in PHP, and built out a very large email system back when building email systems was a very non-trivial endeavor (oh wait, it still is.)

ISP Channel Led project to isolate and remove bottlenecks and performance problems from company’s web and email servers.

Palo Alto High School For several years I was part of an excellent team of staff, students and volunteers who were responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the student academic network and servers. During that time, we planned for and implemented a quarter-million-dollar-plus network infrastructure upgrade upgrade featuring Cisco routers and switches on gigabit fiber optic links across the school campus. I was personally most involved with the deployment and ongoing maintenance of a Windows Active Directory single sign-on authentication service and web applications for student email, file storage and homework delivery, and staff computer lab reservations and user management.