The corrosion of Aaron Stone



So the raging debate on the TWIG mailing list seems to come down to this: Should CSS become an intrinsic part of our menu generation, or should there be “static HTML” menus and CSS menus and the user gets to choose. I say scrap the crufty full-HTML menus. They’re dinosaurs from HTML 3. We can describe them in lightweight, structural HTML and use CSS to make it pretty, and that’s that. The user should not be choosing to use an HTML 3 menu or a CSS menu, and then their choice of stylesheets that may or may not affect the HTML 3 menu and that will make the CSS menu look good. I believe it will lead to balkanized, useless styles that nobody wants to write because of the horrible interaction testing that would be needed. (quoting myself) I have no problem defining 7 types of menus:

Style Defined Primary Style Defined Secondary Style Defined Tabs Style Defined Vertical Style Defined Dropdown List Style Defined Icons with Text Style Defined Icons without Text

And throw the rest away.