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Looking at WiClear again

Wow, my first comment! Thanks to David, the author of WiClear for noticing me! Well, and that I was ripping on WiClear… or more specifically, the WikiRenderer engine used by WiClear.

It’s true that I didn’t do any sort of big comparison between DokuWiki and WiClear, but I noted that the syntax and engine of WiClear didn’t seem like much. David says otherwise, and that it’s all pretty customizable anyways. So, definitely worth a second look. The one toughie is that my lack of French makes it fairly difficult to dig into the websites for WiClear (mostly translated, though) or WikiRenderer (not translated much at all). When I have more time next week I’ll look into the WikiRenderer code and see if it’s worth jumping back to WiClear instead of DokuWiki. If it actually does have enough of the syntax needed to support the basics of my site, I can write whatever little bits I need to make the details work out.