The corrosion of Aaron Stone


Finals over, DocBook is on

Finals this quarter weren’t horrible so much as because the tests were hard, but I just wasn’t in the state of mind for them. Total bummer. I’m wishing myself luck in passing classes. Otherwise. No otherwise.

On a more exciting note, I’m in the process of rewriting the TWIG Admin Manual into DocBook. Apparently it was originally written with MS FrontPage, then lots of editing by hand, then let to rot for too many versions. DocBook is a semantic markup format that can easily produce HTML, PDF and other formats with pretty looking layout. I really don’t want to spend more than a long afternoon on this; I’m not going to rewrite the actual manual right now, just convert the data over to DocBook, generate something good looking but still horridly out of date, and make it much easier to be updated in the future.