The corrosion of Aaron Stone


Stop, Thief!

My laptop was stolen at about 4am-ish this past Friday. I’d been pulling all-nighters at the dining room table for weeks, and I’d just turned in at about 2am. The thief let himself in one of the doors, headed for a housemate’s room, scoping it out with a flashlight and woke her up. At first she thought it was a housemate needing help or something, but then the thief bolted out of her room, grabbed whatever he could from the dining room, stuffed it in a backpack stolen from the living room, and left out the side door, taking a bike as a get-away vehicle. He also got two wallets and two sets of keys, but chose to steal a bike to get away. Major bummer! I’m starting a collection for the buy-a-new-laptop fund.