The corrosion of Aaron Stone


Working at Decru

In November, I took a job at Decru, a Network Appliance company, as a QA Engineer. I’m in the Partner Relations group. Our job is to establish relationships with third party QA labs to run formal interoperability certifications between our products and their products. There’s two other people in the group, and they’re both really great to work with.

Decru’s products are a set of hardware encryption appliances that sit on Ethernet, Fibre Channel or SCSI links between users, servers, disk arrays and tape backup systems, encrypting the data as it goes to the storage device and decrypting the data it goes towards the users. Decru itself is a fun little company, very laid back and friendly people who are really keen on security, good code, and sane release schedules. This is a company that sells to Fortune 500’s and the government, so there’s no hot-dogging of features that don’t work, don’t make sense or won’t be reliable. But this is still Silicon Valley, so while the products need to be really staid devices, the company itself is still a dynamic place with lots of neat ideas floating around.

Company trivia: the co-founders knew that they wanted to start a company, and knew the crew that they wanted to start it with, and knew the wanted to do something in either storage or security. They combined the two, called up ‘da crew’ (think bad Israeli accents) and thus Decru was formed.