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Running nmbd on OpenBSD

Some days I need to share files across subnets at home, and always end up frustrated that some part of the infrastructure is there to give me a headache. Like, say, that Windows file shares still cannot readily browse across subnets! (Neither did Rendezvous/Bonjour on the Mac, originally, but it does now.) Consequently I set up just nmbd on my OpenBSD firewall, which routes between my various wireless and wired networks, so provide the NetBIOS name resolution across subnets needed to allow for cross-subnet Windows network browsing. Note, crucially, that I’m not running smbd. No files are being shared here, no users are being authenticated, I am strictly using nmbd as a name server.Take the smb.conf from part 1 and add these lines to the [global] section:

   domain master = yes    preferred master = yes     local master = yes    wins support = yes    wins proxy = yes

</span> os level = 65