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Health care reform story spotlights selfish stupidity

A recent AP story about health care spotlights the sort of close-minded, numb stupidity that fuels anti-reformers:

Andrew Newcomb, 28, who works in sales and lives near Destin, Fla., said he doesn't think taxpayers should have to take on the costs of covering the uninsured. "I don't want my tax money to pay for some pill-popper to fake some injury and go to the hospital when I don't ever go to the hospital," said Newcomb, adding he can afford to go to the doctor and pay $60 for a checkup.

Andrew, since you never go to the hospital, I’m sure it won’t ever be a problem. But if you do get sick, be sure to die quickly. Otherwise you might cost us taxpayers a lot of money at a taxpayer-funded emergency room.