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Ikea Hacking: Gorm Wine Rack

Ikea has at least half a dozen options for wine storage, but its Gorm shelf system takes the cake for versatility. The Gorm is made of solid, unfinished pine, allowing you to hack it more easily than Ikea products made of cardboard,

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veneer, and plastic cams. Gorms can stand alone, be chained together, mixed-and-matched with any part in the series, and, because of its simple, solid wood construction, sawed, drilled, screwed, painted, or stained to your heart’s content.

Gorm Wine and Glass Rack by sodabrew, on Flickr For this hack, I started with a Gorm 30”w x 13”d x 68”h kit, using three of the four shelves, and mixed in three more Gorm wine rack shelves. Before I left Ikea, I went over to the parts department and got eight more screws to match the ones that hold the backstays onto the Gorm.

Adding stemware hangers to a Gorm shelf by sodabrew, on Flickr I picked up two chrome wine glass racks and a dozen wine glasses from Bed, Bath & Beyond, screwed the racks to the underside of the top Gorm shelf (with those extra screws from Ikea), and voilà, my very own wine bar!

Gorm assembly hint: get a 10mm socket for your drill-driver. 10mm nut driver