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DilBURN: Get Fired!

Dilburn: Get Fired! a Burning Man 2011 theme camp.

Short description:

Escape the corporate ratrace - come to Dilburn to get “fired.” Pick up your dream job title in the lobby. Come join our office cubicle mixer after hours!

Long description:

Burners can wander our office cubicle maze in search of more meaningful paths. Your first job in cubitraz that may not have met your dreams. Take back your dream! Our wide ties, blue blazers, and black rimmed glasses will teleport you to an alternate reality where you get to be the executive outer space cab driver, senior couch potato, regional manager of coitus, horse and buggy driver, sunbath coordinator, daydream distributor, professional shusher – shhh, we’re trying to work here!

Relax to our muzak and let our inspirational posters boost your productivity by the minute. Be sure to stop by for the office mixer! This is not your daddy’s cube farm!

Strawman layout:

Dilburn Layout

Layout description:

The office portion of the camp will open to the road. This is the theme camp / interactive space; a cubicle farm and maze under a 25’ to 30’ shade structure. Behind the cubicles, vehicles will be used as a perimeter and personal tents arranged inside. Approximately 10 personal tents and smaller shades are expected. Shared spaces will include a 20’ diameter shade structure, 10’x20’ carport cooking and eating space, evaporation device, shower bag structure, and various comfy camping chairs. We will attempt to use solar power, and may supplement with a small Honda-type generator.